Chattanooga welcomes GOP candidate Senator Marco Rubio

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – Thursday afternoon hundreds gathered at the Lindsay Street Hall to hear Republican Presidential Hopeful Marco Rubio discuss what America’s future would be like if he were elected into office.

The 44-year-old Florida Senator discussed a few of his plans to reform and replace ObamaCare, reduce student loan debt for higher education by focusing on more real-world skills and fix our nation’s massive debt crisis.

"The road we are on right now will diminish us, if we keep doing what we’re doing," said Sen. Rubio, "You and I will be the first generation in American history who will leave our children and our grandchildren worse off then ourselves."

Currently the Senator is ranked No. 5 in the GOP Presidential Nomination polls… but supporters like former Congressman Zach Wamp say they aren’t worried about those numbers.

"People like him the most," said Wamp, "You put Trump or Rubio against Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden and he does better. Why? Because he can broaden the appeal of our party. So if Republicans are smart they’ll nominate Marco Rubio."

Senator Rubio is the third GOP candidate to tour Chattanooga. The next GOP candidate scheduled to visit is Dr. Ben Carson, who will stop by early next month for a book signing.

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