Chattanooga woman describes weekend in Charlottesville

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — A group from Chattanooga is on their way back tonight after counter-protesting the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville.

Beth Foster describes her weekend in Charlottesville.

“I saw just the worst evil that I’ve ever witnessed with my own eyes, but I also saw the most power, love and solidarity that I think I’ve ever seen also,” Foster explains.

She was group of five from Chattanooga that went to Virginia to counter-protest.

She says on Saturday things started out peaceful then took a drastic turn.

“You had these white supremacist groups, you know, with lots and lots of people coming through. Lots and lots of men coming through, and they had shields, and they had sticks, and they were carrying guns.”

From peaceful to intense then deadly.

Authorities say James Alex Fields of Ohio was arrested for crashing his car into a crowd killing one and injuring several others.

Foster was there right after it happened.

“Some of the folks had like put up a – I think it was a sheet to kind of block the view, but there were also people who weren’t quite as critically injured that had come out to the side walks and were being treated by a protest medic and things like that it mean it was just .. its surreal,” Foster recalls.

The events in Charlottesville lead to other arrests.

21-year-old Chattanooga man Troy Dunigan was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Foster says she spoke with Dunigan on Sunday.

“He wanted to make sure that people understood why he was here and what he was doing and Troy is an anarchist. He’s part of using the antifa organizing tactics, and he was here to do that – to confront the white supremacists directly and to use force if necessary in doing that,” says Foster.

Foster says she hopes there will be more people prepared to stand up against white supremecy the next time.



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