Chattanooga woman’s donated plasma saves life of COVID-19 patient

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – A Chattanooga coronavirus survivor  has helped save the life of a South Carolina woman  by donating her plasma.

Harriett Whitaker was just the third person in Hamilton County to be diagnosed with the Coronavirus. Her husband  was the first.

After recovering from COVID-19, Whitaker says that her doctors started talking to her about the possibility of her plasma saving others stricken with the virus. 

Thankful for her own recovery, Whitaker was anxious to donate and hopeful that her plasma could save others.

“As soon as i could come down here, i started donating. But I am just so happy to know that it helped you the way that it did. It’s just hard to describe what it feels like to save somebody’s life,” says Harriett Whitaker, Donated Plasma.

Across state lines in South Carolina,  Lisa Hardin,  was diagnosed with the COVID-19 and pneumonia, she was in respiratory failure and in danger of losing her life.

Hardin says the doctors tried several options but with no success. That’s when she heard that she was receiving a plasma donation from a Coronavirus survivor in Chattanooga, Tn.

“ I know that somebody cared enough to go donate and try to give me their immunity to help me fight this freakin virus. When I got your antibodies in the bag, it was just a bag of gold,” says Lisa Hardin, Plasma Recipient.

Both women are now healthy, and on Tuesday morning Hardin met Whitaker over Zoom to thank her for her selflessness.

“Knowing that people like you go and donate your plasma, give it to a total stranger. You changed by life and I know it saved my life. I just want to thank you and let you know i’m going to be your friend forever haha,” says Hardin.

Hardin says that as soon as she is cleared by her doctor, she will return Whitaker’s favor by donating her plasma to save the life of someone else

For more information on how to donate plasma, click here


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