Chattanooga ZineFest

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF)- The Public Library partnered with UTC to host Chattanooga’s first ZineFest. 

A zine is an independently published book or magazine. People all over the world make zines and have for many years. The Chattanooga Public Library showcased local and regional zine-makers all day Saturday.

Festival goers had the opportunity to view independently produced books and magazines in the new permanent collection that lives on the 4th floor of the downtown branch. 

Anyone could buy, trade, sell and make zines. 

About Zines:

Zines come in a variety of genres, including: perzines (personal journals and oral histories), fanzines (with topics that vary from pop culture to anime to sports), collections or taxonomies, politics, journalism, art and design, comics, literature, poetry, etc. 

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