Chattanooga Zoo announces the birth of meerkat pups

CHATTANOOGA ZOO (WDEF) – The Chattanooga Zoo is proud to announce the birth of a second litter of meerkat pups.

Flower had her first litter in February and has now given birth to two more pups.

There was a lot of drama when she moved in to the Zoos meerkat mob, but the natural breeding program seems to be on track now.

“The successful breeding within our mob this year speaks volumes for how our animal care team cares for our animals daily. Flower’s litters are a testament to how comfortable and secure our animals feel in their environments. Flower trusts her fellow mob members and our staff with her offspring,” says Chattanooga Zoo CEO & President, Dardenelle Long.

The meerkats were born inside their habitat  in the Deserts of the World building, and will stay their with mom and the rest of the group.

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