CHI Memorial launches Breathe Easy truck for lung cancer detection

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Lung cancer is curable if caught early enough.

Unfortunately that doesn’t happen often enough.

But CHI Memorial has a new tool in the fight against lung cancer.

It’s the Breathe Easy mobile health coach.

It got formally unveiled at the EPB main building.

It’s part of Memorial’s Rees Skillern Cancer Center,

The low-dose C-T scan in the truck shows a “3-D” image of the lungs that is clearer and more detailed than regular x-rays.

That allows doctors to diagnose lung cancer in its earliest stages.

Dr. Carlos Baleeiro from CHI Memorial says “Part of why it’s so lethal, is that there has not been good screening. So whereas people are familiar with say, mammograms, we had not had that for lung cancer for many, many years. Now we finally have data that if you search for early stage lung cancer, you can have a big impact on people’s survival.”

Private insurance companies cover lung cancer screening.

If you are 50 and older with a history of smoking, the Breathe Easy Truck from Memorial CHI will be in your county in the next few weeks.

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