Child care violations available online in Tennesse

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) Everyone knows price, hours, and location is important to a Daycare, but every parent also wants to make sure their children will be safe at Daycare.

Now you can go online to shop and compare, because of the new website. It’s a way for parents to access important information to help them decide on what child care center they should use.

Mother, Anna St. Laurent, said she spent days looking for the right child care center that would be best for her children.

"Touring every single facility within range area that I was interested in,” said St. Laurent.

St. Laurent does not want to compromise when it comes to her children.

"Everyone expectations of child care are very, very, very high, they’re taking care of your children."

Some parents say the website is good, but they trust people they are more familiar with when it comes to caring for their kids.

"We have a friend we’ve known every since we were in school, and that’s what she does now is take care of our friends kids, and we use that way because we know her personally, and we feel that she’s safe,” said father John Hall.

We can here to Child Care at Volkswagen Drive to talk to some professionals about this website to see if they think it would be beneficial.

Patti Smith said their services are open to the public, and she hope the website could help, but you still need to do it the old fashion way.

"I think it would help in the decision making, but I would encourage parents to go and visit the child care center."

That’s because she says small violations on the site could be misinterpreted.

Smith said, "If a child take their shoes off while outside playing, and the teacher picks up the child to go find the shoes, and their parent walks in and they automatically think, ‘Oh no they brought this child out here without shows on."

That’s a situation where child care centers say it’s still important to visit and use your senses while there.

The Department of Human Services has been working on the website for a while.

They say it may soon become a federal requirement.

Here in the link:

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