Child Struck by Car, Driver on the Loose

     A child hit by an S-U-V this weekend is expected to leave the hospital today.
     The alleged hit-and-run happened Sunday on East 51st Street in Chattanooga.
     Neighbors say the 7 year old boy was riding his bike and crossed into the street when a vehicle passing through struck him.
     Witnesses say the man got out for a few minutes to check on the child but eventually got in his car and drove away.
     Residents say the neighborhood is full of hills and people driving too fast.
     "Up through the east 51st street, we ain’t got no speed humps or nothing, and that’s all we really want speed humps. Because, you got a little boy done got hit you done had about five or six dogs and cats done got hit," said Roy Lane.
        The man was described as a white male in his 40s driving a blue/green jeep grand Cherokee.  Contact the Chattanooga police department if you’ve seen the vehicle.
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