Cigna Changes Their Handicapped Symbol

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – Albert Leavengood, the Operations Director at Cigna, says, "When you look at it you notice the arms are back and the head is forward."

With spray paint and a stencil, the insurance company called Cigna is doing something that most other groups aren’t.

Leavengood adds, "We hope that it catches on. It’s not necessarily mandated, but it is something that we’re promoting."

Cigna has a colleague resource group, which promotes diversity within the company.

One of their projects?

Transforming the old iconic symbol in their parking lots.

Leavengood adds, "We want them to think about activity and motion versus static and disabled."

The Chattanooga office changed the old handicapped symbol, as well as two other offices around the United States.

A handful of their clients are also jumping on board and using the symbol.

Leavengood adds, "Jacksonville Jaguars, Dallas Theological Seminary."

We asked residents how they felt about the change.

Zack Williams says, "I do like the old one better."

Leavengood adds, "I think it’s just raising general awareness that people with different abilities can be a gift to the community."

Williams says, "If you want them to think about handicapped people differently, painting it on the roads is not that big of a change."

Even though the concept isn’t well received with everyone, Cigna hopes it will catch on with larger groups like the DMV.

So, in the future you’ll see a more mobile figure grace the parking permits.

Cigna says not a lot of extra money went into this project since they wanted to repave their parking lots anyway.

Cigna is also partnering with the accessibility icon project.

For more information on that, go to

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