Citizen’s Safety Coalition Pushes For More Community Involvement

This is National “Wear Orange” day designed to bring attention to what’s called “preventable gun violence”.
Tennessee Democrats are starting a petition campaign to promote background checks and enforcement of legislative moves like “MaKayla’s Law.”
The newly formed Citizen’s Safety Coalition here in Chattanooga called a news conference Thursday afternoon aimed at stopping local gun violence.

Mayor Andy Berke urged Chattanoogans Wednesday morning to step out and help police stop the wave of gun violence that has swept the city over the last few years. The mayor told our Joe Legge that the shooting death of Bianca Horton last week–she was the mother of 4–gave new urgency to the problem.
Leaders of the newly-formed Citizens Safety Coalition held a news conference on Glass Street to move the effort forward.

BISHOP KEVIN ADAMS, Olivet Baptist Church “In order for us to stop the violence ..curb the violence in our city …it’s impossible for it to happen without you. So we need some ideas..we need an action plan

Pastor Adams and Brainerd High school vice principal Charles Mitchell are co-chairs of the safety Coalition.

DR. CHARLES MITCHELL, Vice Principal, Brainerd High School “We’ve had a shooting last week…we’ve had a shooting just a couple of days ago right down the road here…so we know that. What we’re trying is to come together and find solutions.”

Joining them was Chattanooga assistant Police Chief Tracy Arnold.

TRACY ARNOLD, ASSISTANT CHIEF, CPD “I think with Miss Horton unfortunate incident well as some other violent incidents we’ve had in the city pretty much a catalyst of launching this type of initiative to bring back awareness to the community of how important it is for us to reduce this violence and to get these guns off the street.”

Chief Arnold says police are on track to get as many as a thousand guns off the street this year..thanks to tips from citizens.
He says many of the weapons they find were stolen or acquired though other illegal means.
The Safety Committee believes getting the public actively involved is the key to success.

The Citizen Safety Coalition is urging citizens to anonymously report suspicious activity through the Drug Tip Hotline: (423) 493-BUST (2878).

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