City Council Receives 54 Dozen Donuts in Support of Mural

        Sometimes Chattanooga City Council is about Business and Budgets, and sometimes it’s about doughnuts…54 dozen of them to be exact.
        Last week the city informed Barbara Davis owner of Koch’s Bakery that she’d have to paint over her flying doughnuts mural.
        This, after she paid 11 thousand dollars to have the mural painted on her storage building next to the bakery.
   According to a city zoning ordinance, it’s considered a sign advertising a business and therefore illegal.
        "It’s time to look at that ordinance and see if they can do a little tweaking on it and let people have more say about what they put on their property," said Davis.
         Holly Berry got involved when she heard about the controversy and started a petition to save the mural. It now has more than two thousand signatures.
        "I’m very surprised I did not expect anywhere near this sort of support," said Berry.
        Customers were asked to buy and extra doughnut to send straight to the city council.
        "All these doughnuts, they’re not provided by the business they were purchased by individuals who support Koch’s Bakery support the mural," said Berry.
        Councilman Chris Anderson agrees something needs to change.
        "I am assembling an ad hox citizen committee review of residents, business owners, architects developers artists and others to examine the current language so I can propose changes in the coming weeks," said Anderson.
        Changes that will keep these doughnuts flying free.

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