City Pledges to Clean Up Lupton City

Chattanooga has plenty of “brownfields”.
Those are unsightly properties that are sometimes contaminated, and almost always a drain on the city’s tax rolls.
Mayor Andy Berke picked a cold morning to announce the proposed cleanup of one of the city’s worst areas.
Longtime Chattanooga residents will remember when this was a thriving neighborhood that surrounded one of the city’s most successful industries.
The Dixie Yarns factory was built back in the 1920’s here in Lupton city. Later it became R.L. Stowe Mills.

MAYOR ANDY BERKE, CHATTANOOGA  “Several years ago the area and this, uh, mill behind us..was sold to an out of town limited liability company. They tore down the mill uh..and then left town. What you see behind me remained. ”

Mayor Andy Berke and city council member Jerry Mitchell announced today that changes are on the way.

MAYOR ANDY BERKE, CHATTANOOGA  “I’m excited to announce that we will begin executing a clean up of this property as soon as the final legal documents are issued for it to be completely in city hands.”

That’s expected to happen by the middle of this year, according to Berke.

MAYOR BERKE  “As this property demonstrates we can have brownfields returned to the tax rolls and become a critical part of our city.”

A number of area residents turned out for the announcement. They had urged the city to act for several years.

JERRY MITCHELL, DIST. 2, CITY COUNCIL MEMBER  “I’ll tell you that it is a commuity project. Because not only do we have residents that’s here from Lupton City, we have residents from Fairfax Heights, Bagwell City, Manchester Park, Stuart Heights across the pike..and so this is literally a community project.”

The estimated cost of the Lupton City cleanup is 1 and a half million dollars, according to the mayor. Money well spent, according to residents.

EVA WILLINGHAM, LUPTON CITY RESIDENT  “You know, as I told the mayor…at this point I’m just happy to, to get it cleaned up. I, I don’t care if they just leave it grass–that’s fine with me…but I would like to see some kind of park or area that the local community could use.”

The old factory property will be made available for a future employer.

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