City to renovate duplexes in Avondale using Affordable Housing Fund

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – The City of Chattanooga announced efforts to improve the Avondale neighborhood today.

Affordable Housing is a hot topic in many communities like Avondale where there are homes just sitting, abandoned and some condemned.

This project is expected to help people both own a home as well as create a source of income by making them land lords as well.

Money from the new Affordable Housing Fund is coming to Avondale. A Chattanooga neighborhood that believes these abandon homes are taking away from their beautiful community.

Ken Smith, the Avondale neighborhood association, says, “I think that this program is a win-win for all of us and we can get people back into the community, turn it around and make it vibrant again as I remember it once in my day.”

Smith says that this is going provide people with a way to invest in the community in a way that outside investors won’t.

He believes that they need people who care about owning a stake in this community as well as caring about the future of the area.

How it will work… the city will bring in an architect to design an affordable plan for development, developers will follow that plan and the the city will help bring new homeowners into this area.

Mayor Andy Berke believes this “gives you immediate buy in from church leaders, neighborhood leaders and all kinds of business people and that’s going to help this process.”

One church leader says that the community needs this type of attention to keep them in neighborhoods like this one.

Bishop Kevin Adams, from Olivet Baptist Church says, “I am tired of losing people… you talk about the lack of opportunity here, they go to Nashville or Atlanta and so the more jobs that we create here, the more economic opportunity that we create here, the more people that we can attract and the more people we can keep here.”

One of the requirements for these two duplexes is that you live in one side and you have to rent the other side at an affordable rate.

For new homeowners, you will have the opportunity to receive some monetary help with the process.

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