City takes action against Coyote Jacks

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – City officials say they issued a letter to Bankable Holdings, LLC.

It says the city learned that the State of Tennessee dissolved the company.

And because of that they have no valid permit to sell alcohol at Coyote Jacks.

According to the City Attorney, the state revoked the business license for Coyote Jacks in July.

This comes on the heels of the shooting death of a teen on the patio of the bar.

It’s the third homicide at or around that night spot in three years.

“I just think that the right people got in the room and made it happen because the community spoke up,” Chattanooga City Councilman Anthony Byrd says.

People have been asking for action to prevent the multiple acts of violence around Coyote Jacks.

Byrd says the city is doing the right thing by taking measures to make the area safe.

“I just know now that a lot of people in our community are going to be able to sleep better at night,” he says.

Some have called the place a public nuisance.

City officials plan to file a nuisance abatement complaint in court.

That complaint could shutdown Coyote Jacks by next week.

“A lot of people couldn’t sleep at night. A lot of people family members got hurt there and so we don’t want to have to explain to someone that the city allowed this place to continue to operate under the mismanagement, under the misguidance of security, whatever the case maybe to make sure that our community stay safe,” Byrd says.

The city attorney, district attorney and police chief have all been taking a hard look at Coyote Jacks.

The Mayor recused himself because of family ties to the ownership.

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