Class Action Lawsuits Against Volkswagen are Piling Up

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) – Owners of Volkswagen diesel vehicles are headed to court.
The emissions cheating scandal has owners worried they’ll never recover the value of their car.
And class action lawsuits are popping up around the country.

Volkswagen, traditionally one of the most respected brands in the world–is preparing for the worst storm to ever hit the 78 year old company.
Following on the heels of the resignation of the CEO, now attorneys are launching a barrage of class action lawsuits, and the emissions scandal is not even a week old.
Attorneys say owners fear a substantial loss of value in their vehicle.

JERRY SUMMERS, CHATTANOOGA ATTORNEY "..if you’re going to trade in your car, if you’re going to get, whether it was worth maybe under the Blue Book maybe it was worth 20 thousand dollars, is it now worth ten? "

Volkswagen said initially it would set-aside more than 7-billion dollars to settle claims. But in addition to owners claims, the company faces millions of dollars in EPA fines and penalties. UTC professor Dr. Will Sutton, an automotive expert, is keeping an eye on the scandal.

DR. WILLIAM SUTTON, UTC PROFESSOR "They made a mistake, they’ve owned up to the mistake…unfortunately in this country ..some people try to profit from that mistake…sometimes fairly, sometimes unfairly."

Attorney Jerry Summers, who is not involved in the local lawsuits, has represented automotive clients and unions for years.

JERRY SUMMERS, ATTORNEY "I don’t know if this problem will in any way contribute to any kind of defect that might result in an accident..but that will be looked into ….hopefully that’s not the case and we’re dealing with a property damage claim."

DR. SUTTON "I think everybody in a class action suit probably helps in one regard because there are less spurelous suits running around…and there’s an opportunity to contain it."

Attorney Summers and Dr. Sutton say they expect the tidal wave of class action suits, will take years to resolve.

Some class action lawsuits have already been filed in Federal court in Chattanooga

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