The Clergy for Truth, Justice, Love, and Healing

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Through singing, prayer, and confession, the Clergy for Truth, Justice, Love, and Healing expressed their thoughts on the social climate in America, and in the world of religion.

“It was a relief to say the truth because it begins with us telling the truth, speaking the truth, confessing the truth, and that way we can begin to move forward” said Chris Sorensen from The Clergy.

They remembered the lives of several African Americans killed.

Display posters recognized names like Emmitt Till, Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland and Ahmaud Arbery.

They also held a moment of silence in honor of George Floyd.

During the moment of silence that lasted 8 minutes 46 seconds, religious leaders like Terry Ladd talked about what was going through their minds, “It was difficult for us to stay there silently. It speaks to us how deep racism runs in this country.”

The clergy says the first step to healing, is being honest.

“We wanted to start this gathering as an expression of our faith and our commitment to truth and justice” said Ladd.


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