Cleveland Board Fires Director of Schools

Angry members of the Cleveland school board have voted to end the district’s association with Director of Schools Martin Ringstaff immediately.
The board met in a special called meeting at Noon to decide Ringstaff’s fate a week after he admitted sending sexually explicit messages to a woman who was not his wife.
The board’s decision was based primarily on Ringstaff’s untruthfulness.

The attorney for Martin Ringstaff sent the board a message offering to discuss terms under which the director of schools would resign.
The board quickly brushed that aside and asked its attorney to outline options open to them.

CHUCK CAGLE, BOARD ATTORNEY “In essence. all of the benefits and entitlements he would enjoy in his contract..if the school board were to say, you’re fired immediately ..those are now…he cannot count on getting those.”

While expressing sympathy for Ringstaff’s wife and family…board members were in no mood to discuss a resignation.
In a 5-2 vote, the board agreed to fire the schools director immediately for insubordination and conduct unbecoming a school employee.

STEVE MORGAN, BOARD MEMBER ” I think I can speak for all of us..when I say to our students and their families ..we’re sorry!”

Ringstaff was not offered severance pay, and will only take a few days accumulated vacation as he leaves.

The issue came to light last week when Dr. Ringstaff claimed someone has posted the sexually explicit messages on a twitter account. It later ended up on facebook.

DAWN ROBINSON, BOARD CHAIRMAN “Why in the world did you think it was OK to use social media? So the big question is why he even did it.”

PEGGY PESTERFIELD, BOARD MEMBERS “We thought that it was all false. You know. And that someone else had done this …and sent these things and attributed it to Dr. Ringstaff. ”

Ringstaff later admitted he had done it himself a few months ago. He asked that an investigation be halted. At that time many board members expressed support for him. But today, the fallout from the meeting was bitter.

DAWN ROBINSON , BOARD CHAIRMAN “I met with him that evening, and I asked him what else is there? He said there’s nothing else..and then the next day we got more..and so, he lied…that was a point blank lie.”

MURL DIRKSEN, BOARD MEMBER “Some of this is kind of a reaction of really being betrayed. They want to go ahead and say…Mr.’s over now!”

A Special Called Board Meeting is set for Monday, February 8, at 7:30 am to appoint an Interim Director of Schools.

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