Cleveland Car Burglaries

CLEVELAND,TN, (WDEF)-The burglaries happened between 3-4 in the morning in some of Cleveland’s most historical neighborhoods.

Evie West, Cleveland Police Dept,"Obviously breaking a car window would make a lot of noise so obviously what they are doing is walking around and finding cars unlocked, rummaging through those and they are stealing firearms, gift-cards, credit cards, wallets and purses and things that are left over night ".

Cars on Emmett, Grove and Centary Avenues have all been targeted.

Evie West, Cleveland Police Dept,"But it’s not the same neighborhood every single night they will go and do the car burglaries in this area and then they will move over here and do several 4 or 5 streets in this area and then move on to somewhere else".

Residents are surprised that their cars are at risk

John Hearn, Cleveland Resident,"Centenary roads is one of the nicer roads in downtown so it seems like this would be a safe place to leave your car and your belongings in your car".

Cleveland Police are offering a reward of 250 dollars for anyone with information to come forward.

John Hearn, Cleveland Resident,"I don’t leave much of value in my car, our car has been broken into, not here in Cleveland elsewhere and i learned pretty quick nothing is secure in a car so i don’t leave anything in there i can’t live without".

Cleveland PD- (423) 476-1121

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