Cleveland City Council Hears Report on Police Department

CLEVELAND, TN. (WDEF-TV) — The Cleveland police department has a lot of work ahead if it’s to recover it’s image and begin to work on halting a rising crime rate.
That was the assessment of former TBI director Lassy Wallace, who was asked to come up with some solid recommendations.
Some of the proposals will push the department to provide a higher level of service.
The people of Cleveland are ready to put behind them the recent forced retirement of a chief and demotions for two other leaders.
After more than 3 months of study—former TBI Director Larry Wallace made his recommendations before the Cleveland city council. One suggestion was for more diversity.

LARRY WALLACE, FORMER DIRECTOR, TBI " It’s very difficult. But it has to start at the top … has to start with the CEO or the chief in this instance ….everyone in the department has to realize and understand that this is impotant…that diversity is important."

Mayor Tom Rowland says it time for some changes.

MAYOR TOM ROWLAND, CLEVELAND "Some of the things are reallocation of manpower in the department, shifting around chain of command..things of that nature. One of the recommendations is that we have 2 captains instead of an assistant chief."

Wallace told the council he had interviewed more than 220 people for his report. In addition to suggesting that city manager Janice Casteel seek input on selecting a new chief, Wallace wants closer relationships between all local law enforcement and emergency agencies along with more cameras.

MAYOR TOM ROWLAND "We’ve been in the process of buying body cameras ..course not for everyone ….yet. I think probably this report is going to justify buying these body cameras, and to be sure we have cameras in the patrol cars."

LARRY WALLACE "I’m recommending that one canine team be assigned to the patrol division , one cainine be assigned to the detective division. "

The council will now begin the job of incorporating as many of the suggestions as it can in the near future.

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