Cleveland Drug Court Judge Uses Social Media Messages As Evidence Against A McMinn County Woman

CLEVELAND, TN, (WDEF)-"I understand but I think it’s best you not talk, alright, I really think it is."

Judge Andrew Freiberg stunned a Cleveland courtroom by pulling up Facebook messages and branding a McMinn county woman a liar.

"In response to her saying yeah found old tens for twenty, you say I have the gift-card not cash or I would get one for us I will have cash tomorrow remember".

The messages were sent just 24 hours before this woman known as Rachel was set to graduate "clean" from a drug rehab program.

"You could have said stay away from me or get behind me Satan".

Drug counselors agree that these courts are playing a major role  in East Tennessee.

Laura Berrier, Addiction Therapist. "Can absolutely destroy a family and take that person’s life and so it’s absolutely of use and I think drug courts and mental health courts are on the rise".

Social media experts believe there is a lesson to be learned from this courtroom drama.

Chloe Morrison, Social Media Guru,"People getting caught going to jail for what they post on social media, people  have also gotten fired for what they post on social media and it seems like common sense".

After an afternoon of shocking the court Judge Freiberg closed with this message.
"There might be times that you get away with things for a day or for a week or for a month but the bottom line is truth will ultimately reveal itself".

The woman pleaded to not be put in custody Tuesday night but the determined Judge Frieberg responded with "This is not your call, this is my call now I have a job to do".

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