Cleveland Man Says He Was Set Up in Bradley County Drug Deal

Tuesday morning, Christopher Brewer was arrested after officials say he accidentally texted a drug deal to a Bradley County Sheriff’s detective.

But Brewer swears the deal was no accident but an undercover operation setting him up.

"I received a Facebook message from a young lady who had been messaging me for over a week," said Brewer. "I feel like it’s some sort of entrapment. She was trying to coerce me to arrange to meet me to buy drugs."

Brewer agreed to meet with the woman after he says she QUOTE "blew up his phone".

They agreed through text to meet at the Checkers on 25th street in Cleveland where he would bring 180 dollars worth of Schedule 2 narcotics.

"I was sent a text message and asked what color vehicle I drove and as soon as I text and told them what vehicle it was I was swarmed by several SUV loads of drug task force agents and several Bradley County sheriff’s detectives," Brewer said.

Officials found no drugs on Brewer but they said communicating a drug deal is enough to be arrested.

Brewer said he never intended to sell her drugs but planned on robbing her.

The sheriff’s office said it was shear luck that Brewer texted his drug deal to a detective.

"We didn’t have any calls first," Captain Steve Lawson with the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office said. "He just happened to have the wrong number and called one of my detectives. And I appreciate that. And maybe he qualifies for the dumbest criminals. You’ll have to ask him about that. However, we followed through. We met him and he went to jail.

Brewer also wasn’t pleased with the mugshot they published from his arrest seven years ago, saying he was a drug addict then and he has cleaned his life up now.

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