Cleveland Officer Griggs Cleared in Domestic Abuse Case

Calhoun, TN (WDEF) Jeffrey Griggs no longer faces charges in a domestic disturbance that got him arrested in McMinn County.

The Cleveland Police crime scene technician was cleared of domestic abuse for the scuffle involving his boss.

It happened in Calhoun when Griggs found his wife sitting in a car with the then Cleveland Police Chief Dennis Maddox.

Thursday, a judge tossed out the charge.

McMinn County Sheriff Joe Guy says, "Of course we stand by what we did. We would do in any domestic violence case. But sometimes the courts may or may not agree with probable cause, and other factors that are involved. Our officers did their job, and its up to the courts to do whatever." 

Griggs was then arrested again in Bradley county for violating a protection order.

But his wife, Cindy, did not press charges in McMinn County.

Chief Maddux was demoted, and the search is on for his replacement.

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