Cleveland Police believe Jaclyn Markcloud was with homicide victim

CLEVELAND, Tennessee (WDEF) – Cleveland Police are looking for a second person in the case of the body found Monday outside a cemetery.

They don’t know if she is another potential victim or a suspect.

Two people spotted the body of 38 year old James Ledford (also known as “Pocket”) in a pickup truck parked outside the Fort Hill Cemetery on South Ocoee Street.

The body had been concealed in the pickup, making it hard for investigators to identify him.

Police say his wounds were consistent with a gunshot.

Family members say 42 year old Jaclyn Markcloud or Jacklyn Carroll was last seen with him in the truck.

Police are now looking for her, concerned for her safety, but they also want to interview her.

The chief says they have multiple people they want to talk to who they believe have knowledge about the case.

He says they have very strong leads and the public should not be concerned about an unknown murderer loose in the community.

Investigators believe Ledford was targeted.

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