Cleveland Quarterback Jackson Moore Perseveres Through Gruesome Injuries

Cleveland, TN-(WDEF-TV) Cleveland quarterback Jackson Moore must feel like the Evel Knievel of high school athletics because of the number of broken bones he has suffered. We’re talking some gruesome, painful injuries. But the bad breaks haven’t stopped the Blue Raiders senior leader.

Said Cleveland head coach Scott Cummings:”Three years ago he broke his nose in baseball. That actually started four years ago, and then he did it again the next year. But he broke it so severely that it wouldn’t stop bleeding, so he had to be hospitalized. Had to have a blood transfusion.”
Said Moore:”Sophomore year. Threw a curve ball, and I tried to bunt it. Tilted my bat head down, and it popped me right back up in the nose. Actually tried to run a few steps, and then I just kind of broke down and started bleeding. The ump didn’t even know it hit me. Called it a fair ball. Then he called it foul when he saw the blood.” (chuckles)
Cummings:”Two years ago he broke his arm in a game so bad, he had to be transported down to Erlanger.”
Said Moore:”I could feel them both. Both of the bones in my left arm snapped immediately. I got all the pressure from a 250-pound D-end on top of me.”
Said Cummings:”This past year preseason. He broke his ankle so bad that he had to have pins. He had to have two pins and a rod and wire going through it to hold it together.”
Said Moore:”Every time you get hurt really you have that thought, maybe is it really worth it? Or is it not? You get out of the hospital and get around all of your friends and your brothers on the field, and you think yeah, it really is worth it. Got to be out here for him and with them.”
Said Cummings:”It is inspirational to us as coaches as well. Whenever you’ve got a kid that’s willing to overcome so much, you just can’t help but pull for him.”
Said Moore:”This past New Year’s I went to a Preds game. They are doing the whole security wand scan. He goes over my arm, and he goes what do you have in your arm? I show him my scar. I said two plates and 14 screws you know. He was like okay. I said do you want to do my ankle too? He said no, you’re good.” (laughs)

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