Cleveland Short of Salt Going Into Next Snow Event

        Cleveland Public Works Director Tommy Myers admits his department is running low on salt going into tonight’s snow event.
        He says their stockpile is low because of a shortage dating back to extreme weather up north in 2014.
        “The company we buy salt from limited us on how much salt we could purchase over the summer,” he said. “The demand for salt was so great from the winter they had up north last year and of course, they are having it super-rough up this year. They’re not turning loose of the salt. It’s all going north.”
        He would like to have 450 tons of salt on hand for the winter, but couldn’t re-order this summer.
        “We had 300 tons of salt, but we worked from eight o’clock Friday evening until five o’clock Saturday morning,” he said. “We used almost half of it up then and we’ve probably ran through 50 tons today, so we’re getting low.”
        The city was able to find a last minute supply last year.
        Now he has found a possible 200 tons he can borrow, but they will have to pay it back.
        And they expect that salt will once again be hard to come by this summer.

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