Cleveland toddler gains attention after walking through concrete

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF) — A Cleveland toddler’s antics have gained national attention.

Izzadora Millaway enjoyed an afternoon playing in her basement. She is a curious and adventurous two year old.

On Friday while her parents were having their basement redone, she had a different kind of adventure.

“She was upstairs with her Meemaw and we were downstairs with Porter and his workers when they almost were done. She decided to come down the steps and out the back door through the concrete to find us,” said Brad Millaway, Izzy’s father.

She wasn’t sure what had happened.

“A little stuck and scared and wondering what she did,” Millaway said.

Jonathan Porter, the owner of Porter Concrete Construction Company, says he had never seen anything like this.

Jonathan Porter/ Owner of Porter Concrete Construction Company
“That is a memorable moment for sure. But dogs and cats we generally see often and we chase them away.”

He helped get Izzy out.

“I motioned for the little girl to come to me where I could pick her up and get her out of the concrete and right as she got to me I said stand right there and I had mom and dad take a picture and after they got their picture I said this is a priceless moment. I said let’s wash your feet off because concrete has acid on it,” Porter said.

Crews had to wait until the concrete firmed up before it could be fixed.

“We had to take extra concrete that we had and go back and fill those holes up,” Porter said.

The concrete has been all fixed up, but if  over in the corner footprints from Izzy and her brother are left as a reminder of what happened.

“So we put it in a different corner that we won’t cover up,” Millaway said.

Since being posted online, the pictures have garnered national attention.

“Never in my life did I dream one picture would make a difference, a positive difference and laughter in my lifetime anyway,” Porter said.

It’s a moment that will be cemented forever.

Porter initially posted the pictures on his company’s Facebook page, which were shared hundreds of times.

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