Clifton Hills Elementary Parade

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)-  Teachers and other faculty from Clifton Hills gathered in the school parking lot Wednesday’s morning ready to bring life back into their community.

4th grade teacher Sue Neelands says, “The neighborhood is so quiet. Just to see the vibrancy of the neighborhood where there wouldn’t be kids at bus stops. And there wouldn’t be kids walking into the school. Just totally empty and that really struck me.”

And that’s why Neelands and her colleagues staged a parade around the neighborhood.

“This is just one way this carpool rally that we’re doing is a way to get out there and just show our faces. We want to let people know that we’re missing them and we care about them” said Neelands

Principal Lindsay Starns says the teaching experience is different since school doors have closed.
Teachers are communicating by phone call, text, and other electronic platforms like video conferences to stay connected with students but it doesn’t match the face to face interaction.

“So today is just all about another connection that we’re trying to make. We’re showing kids that we’re still here for them in Clifton Hills and to show families that we’re here to support them” said Starnes.

Smiling faces and cheers filled the streets.

Although it was at a distance, The children of Clifton Hills were reunited with their favorite teachers.

“Even though it’s going to be from afar and they won’t be able to touch us or hug us or even leave their sidewalks but at least they’re going to know that we came out to see them today” said Neelands.

Weeks separated from walking the halls of Clifton Hills, the kids are missing them as well.

“Im mad because I can’t go to school” said Clifton Hills student Tamija Goosby.

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