Clyde Stubblefield’s Chattanooga Homecoming

     The Chattanooga area has launched some great musical stars… From Bessie Smith.. And the Impressions..  the Forester Sisters and Confederate Railroad…  to Usher.
     But we also have a rich history of musicians who have backed the stars.
     Take Jimmy Blanton, The great bass player for Duke Ellington, Norman Blake who played for Johnny Cash, And Hall of Famer Pig Robbins from Spring City, who played piano on dozens of Nashville hits.
     On Friday, We get a homecoming for another of those unsung musical legends.
     Drummer Clyde Stubblefield will be honored at the Bessie Smith Museum.
     He was arguably the most significant drummer for James Brown… The original "funky Drummer."
     On Friday night, The museum will screen the movie "Copyright Criminals" which deals with sampling.
     And Stubblefield will take part in a Q and A afterwards.
     Take a look at his role in the documentary.

     The movie screening starts at six Friday night at the Bessie Smith Cultural Center.
     Then they celebrate Clyde Stubblefield Day on Saturday from noon to four.

     Find out more at the Bessie Smith Cultural Center.

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