Community Disaster Preparedness Day

Emergencies can happen at any time or any place. That’s why Whitfield County is teaming up with several organizations like GEMA and FEMA to help make people better prepared for whatever might come their way.

Claude Craig, Whitfield County Emergency Management Agency Director said, "I ask you, are you prepared? Do you have a plan?" If your answer is no, Whitfield county will be hosting a Prepare-a-thon to answer those questions for you. Harlan Proveaux, Deputy Director of Emergency Management, Georgia Emergency Management Agency said, "We like to say we want people to be prepared and safe where they work, where they play and where they pray. And the praise and preparedness initiative helps them prepare for that."

The Prepare-a-thon’s theme will be: Don’t Wait. Communicate. Craig said, "Communication is the number one thing you can do in a disaster. You have got to be able to communicate with not only public safety and first responders that are responding to your situation, but you got to be able to communicate with your family too." Emergency Management officials are reaching out to schools, churches, businesses and individuals asking what their plans are in the event of disasters. Representatives will be on hand to answer any and all questions regarding what to do before, during and after a disaster strikes. Craig said, "Hopefully we have brought to light the citizens of Whitfield county that we need to be prepared the best we can for whatever situation that arises."

The Prepare-a-thon will be held Saturday, October 3rd from 9am to noon at the Home Depot (875 Shugart Road) in Dalton.

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