Community groups create Conflict Resolution Initiative

Monday evening kicked off the 46th annual Dr. Martin Luther king Jr.’s birthday celebration.

In honor of the night Chattanooga community leaders met to discuss and reveal plans to help create a new and Scenic City.

Organizer for Concerned Citizens for Justice Ash-Lee Henderson said Chattanooga city officials are not doing enough to help prevent violence in the black communities.

"Decades and for generations the city has made promises to low income black communities in particular and not followed through."

Henderson said she and the rest of the organizer for the conflict resolution group are hoping that others will step forward and join them in their mission to create a safer Chattanooga.

"As our communities are coming together instead of just being dependent upon elected officials that are too often not accountable to us, we’ll be able to actually find folks jobs when their in conflict."

There is now a new 27/7 hotline dedicated for those who know information about violence happening and want to speak with someone confidently.

The hotline allows people to reach out to get help without involving city officials.

The number is 423-227-9628.

Click on the picture for details on the schedule of events.
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