Community members help feed kids while schools are closed

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF) — While schools in the Tennessee Valley are closed, community members are coming together to make sure students won’t go hungry.

Kelly Wells and her daughter Gracie Hixson look over items they stocked at Black Fox Elementary School in Cleveland.

The cabinet is usually a little library filled with books, but it is temporarily being used as a food pantry while school is shutdown because of coronavirus.

“I just love to be able to give back to my community and especially the kids that I work with every day here at Black Fox,” Wells said.

They were able to make this possible through Pastor Steve Gilbert at Heritage Fellowship Church of God.

“We have a great school system and they are going to do what they can to provide food and proper resources for their students and all, but we just need to all pitch in and do something during these very troubled times,” Pastor Gilbert said.

Other groups are also making sure kids won’t go hungry while they are out of school.

At the Church of the First Born in Chattanooga, members of Resounding Minds Ministries spent the morning making sack lunches.

They are also handing out toilet paper and soap.

“A lot of our kids actually go to school because they are being provided with breakfast and lunch and now that schools are closed, many students and children are wondering how am I going to eat. So we wanted to just help out,” said Dr. Kelly Johnson, with Resounding Minds Ministries.

Back at the school, Principal Kim Fisher appreciates the food pantry.

“It takes a village to take care of all our boys and girls,” Fisher said.

Hixson is glad she helped her mom.

“My favorite part is probably not knowing the kids who are coming and getting this food, but knowing that we are helping them during all of this,” Hixson said.

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