Community Members Respond back to Mayor Berke’s State of the City Address

The public packed city council chambers last night to hear a “State of the People” address.

The response to Mayor Berke’s state of the city address focused on ideas to target violence, other than policing our way out of the problem.

Last night Kevin Muhammad of the Nation of Islam, stood before City Council on behalf of several community welfare groups.

Muhammad delivered a strong message criticizing many of the mayors statements and plans.
Muhammad said the current budget does not address the growing needs of lower income areas of Chattanooga.

“The mayors says our unemployment rate has dropped 2.5%, you can’t tell that to the people who live in Alton Park who’s unemployment rate is 35% and receive wages of $18000 a year, or the people on the Westside on 100% rent and 30% unemployed or the people of East Lake, with an unemployment rate of 28% and earn $20,000 a year.”

He then went on to accuse City Council of what he called “rubber-stamping” the mayor’s budget.

Muhammad also advised council to not increase the Chattanooga Police Department’s budget.

City council thanked the public for and Muhammad for speaking out publicly and engaging them.

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