Community Reaction to Consultant’s Suggestion of Closing Brainerd High School

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — The MGT Consultant’s report yesterday to the Hamilton County School Board and County Commission had a price tag of $1.36 billion.

That was shocking to some, but there were other surprises.

15 schools could possibly close, And changes were suggested for almost every single school in the district.

“What we are suggesting, is that Tyner Middle be torn down, and that, that site be closed,” said Dan Schmidt.

Some tough suggestions beyond the high price tag, were the closing of 15 schools, and moving some students to other districts. Dan Schmidt of MGT consulting, presented the findings of their 7 month long evaluation to the two boards yesterday.

“And the 6 – 8 program moves across the street as a part of a new 6-12 Tyner Middle/High School. That’s step one,” said Schmidt.

And for cross town sports rival Brainerd, the next step gets even more interesting.

“Step two then comes down to Brainerd High School. Brainerd High School, under the current thinking, would close as a comprehensive building,” said Schmidt.

The suggestion was for the Brainerd students to then be dispersed to Tyner, East Ridge and Howard High Schools.
We got some community reaction:

“I guess change is constant, and I would kind of hate to see Brainerd or any other school go, or have to change or students have to relocate, but I do understand too that there is a new wave as far as population growth,” said Milliton Munney, graduate of 21st Century Academy.

“A lot of people want to hold on to things, a legacy, legacy holds, but it’s not the legacy that we need to hold on to, it’s the education, what type of education is going to be broader, in a perspective of changing Brainerd and dispersing those kids to Howard and Tyner,” said Catherine Sharnise, who graduated from Howard High School.

A series of community meetings will be held in September and October to gauge public sentiment on these possible changes. That—before the consultant gives his final recommendations in December.


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