Community Reacts to East Ridge Officer Shooting

ROSSVILLE, Ga. (WDEF) – East Ridge Corporal Terry Prescott was wounded Sunday afternoon after stopping a red Dodge Challenger, as seen in dashcam footage.

East Ridge police were able to identify the suspect was identified as 42-year-old Christopher Kitts from Texas, who fired several shots at Prescott’s patrol car and then fled.

After an extensive air and ground search conducted by multiple law enforcement agencies, police were able to locate Kitts in Rossville on Monday.

He engaged officers several times with gunfire, before being fatally shot by a Georgia State Patrol SWAT team.

The dramatic scene unfolded in a wooded area right behind some houses off of Glade Road.

One of the homeowners was Hannah Wooten, who described the terrifying experience of hearing gunshots in the middle of the night – right outside her children’s window.

“It was absolutely terrifying because my children’s room is right in front of my house. The only thing I could think of was my toddlers are in there. So it was more of a mama bear think first – act first, think later kind of thing,” says Hannah Wooten, Rossville Resident.

She says that the idea of her own backyard being the scene of such a gruesome event was difficult to fathom.

“It’s eye-opening. We go out in the woods all the time, we go and we enjoy the fresh air with our kids. We teach them all kinds of different things out by the creek and it’s crazy to think that these woods around us and the stuff that we use to train up our kids – it was used for that,” says Wooten.

While Prescott is now home recovering the community is finding ways to come together to support his family.

Vinyl Turtle Boutique off of Ringgold Road has started selling “Back Our Blue” t-shirts, and all proceeds from the shirts are being directly donated to the Prescott family. Ron Bolich, Owner of the Boutique, says that the shirts have been selling out fast.

“It’s really blown out of the water as far as the sales go. Overnight we sold over 35 shirts just overnight. We didn’t post it until late last night sometime. And um, so, the sales – and they’ve been coming in the store here, ordering the shirts. It’s a preorder right now, you come in. you preorder the shirts, or you can preorder them on our Facebook page – Vinyl Turtle Boutique,” says Ron Bolich.

A GoFundMe page is also available for those who wish to make a monetary donation to Prescott’s family.

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