Community Relieved After City Finds Home for Proposed Sewage Tank

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – A Chattanooga community is relieved tonight, after finding out a large sewage tank will NOT be placed in their neighborhood.

Members of this community say this tank would have been able to fit water from 18 Tennessee Aquariums and they had countless meetings with city officials in hopes of making sure this sewage tank did not end up feet from their homes.

Danny Grimmett says, “I raised my kids in this neighborhood we have a lot of elderly people in this neighborhood and a lot of elderly people that it’s too late to packup and move away.”

Packing up and moving away is what many people in this Chattanooga neighborhood along Memphis Drive were considering doing. The Moccasin Bend Sewage Treatment Facility was considering placing a sewage storage container in their neighborhood and neighbors say that officials called them and said they will find another home for it.

Ron McGill, who has lived in the community for 35 years, recalls, “I kept saying that God is in control of this and saying we’re going to win and sure enough he heard and answered every one of our prayers and we won.”

“I thank my Lord for giving up this victory because this was an answer to prayer for everyone,” says Grimmett, who has lived in the community for about 30 years.

This battle wasn’t easy for this community. They held countless protests, flooded the community with yard signs and attended multiple city council meetings to make their voices heard.

Grimmett pleaded, “Just because we don’t have 500,000 dollar homes. that doesn’t mean we have to be put in a harmful environment. We were determined because we were not going to take no for an answer we told the mayor that. SOrry, we don’t want it to move 150 feet into the woods… we want it out of our neighborhood.”

They celebrated Monday night what they call a win for the community. The city hasn’t confirmed with News 12 where they will be placing the tank. The residents I spoke with say it will be near the McKamey Animal Shelter.



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