Construction companies ‘Stand Down’ to show COVID-19 safety

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – L Squared Construction was one of several construction companies that took a break Thursday to go over COVID-19 safety measures.

It was part of an effort called “Safety Stand Down” where Associated General Contractors (AGC) members across the U.S. displayed workers’ commitment to staying safe amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re making sure that they’re aware of the, the severity of the issue and staying out of other people’s ways and staying apart, keeping 6 feet apart there, making sure we’re clean,” L Squared Construction Superintendent Lucas Marlow said.

Their normal in the coronavirus pandemic includes routine temperature checks and constant hand washing.

“Especially in a tight niche area where you’re working down hallways multiple people are touching multiple surfaces. We’re having to clean-up, the hand washing in between, hand sanitizer when it can be found, and limit the amount of people we can have on site working. It’s causing issues and time delays with the projects,” Marlow said.

Construction is considered essential by the majority of states including Tennessee, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s business as usual.

“The affect on the commercial side has been different depending on what state and city that we’re in. On the residential side, it’s definitely slowed way down. Put several projects on hold,” L Squared Construction CEO Adam Levitt said.

According to Construct Connect, as of Thursday Tennessee had at least 13 delayed commercial construction projects, 9 on hold, and 4 abandoned because of the current COVID-19 crisis economy.

The AGC of East Tennessee have tracked 7 commercial construction project delays in Hamilton County and the surrounding area.

But impacts aren’t limited to the projects themselves.

“Deliveries. We’re having problems getting some materials,” Marlow said.

“For other small businesses like us, make sure you got a good banker, you’re in communication with them. You’re going through the processes with the SBA, because there’s a lot of programs out there to help you guys through the, through this economic downturn and hopefully bridge the gap until the economy recovers,” Levitt said.

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