Consumer Reports ranks EPB as best cable option in the country

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Smaller rates bigger with Consumer Reports readers when it comes to TV.

Despite many reforms and new technological offerings, big cable companies ranked poorly in the Consumer Reports quality survey.

Instead, Chattanooga’s EPB ruled the day.

Consumer Reports posted “Many of the best-known cable companies didn’t fare well, but there were a few bright spots, including a municipal broadband service run as a public utility in Chattanooga, Tenn., and the fiber service run by Google in a handful of markets across the country. These innovative options outpaced conventional telecommunications companies when it came to value.”

EPB and Google Fiber were the only two companies to get high marks for both value and reliability of their TV service.

Charter and Comcast’s fiber service ranked in the middle of the pack (which is better than their cable plans ranked.)

Bundled services (TV, internet & phone) also rated poorly with consumers for value.

Google Fiber was the top internet service for Consumer Reports, but EPB and Consolidate Fiber were the only other companies that did better than below-average scores.

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