Controversy within a Bledsoe County volunteer fire department

BLEDSOE COUNTY, Tennessee(WDEF) – A now-former fire chief says she was canned for reporting a crime allegedly committed by her boss.

Former Luminary-Frostbite Volunteer Fire Department Chief, Sandra Noe said she was fired from her position on Friday. She said  she found out she was canned via Facebook.

"Nobody let me know what was going on. I inevitably knew what was going on and what was going to happen because of preceding problems in the department over the last couple of months," Noe said.

Noe says those problems began when she wrote a letter to the fire department board members. She claimed she caught board president Larry Bullington doing something illegal.

"I caught him smoking marijuana in the hall. I’m like, this is a government building. This is funded by the government," she said.

Noe also said she thought about calling the police but was advised not to do so.

"Everybody was like, leave the police out of the fire department. We don’t need them here. Lets keep everything on the down-low."

WDEF tracked down President Larry Bullington to hear side of the story. He denies every allegation leveled against him by Noe.

"I went down and took a drug test and proved that I wasn’t doing it. Things just escalated from there. I don’t smoke marijuana. I don’t smoke cigarettes either," Bullington said.

He went on to also tell WDEF that  Noe submitted her resignation letter on October 7th; stating that she would be stepping down November 21st.

"The only thing we did was accept her resignation as fire chief then reduce her to fireman and appointed us a new fire chief. We need to move on," Bullington said.

Noe said she did submit her resignation letter but had also planned to train the next person in line to become chief before her final day. She feels that her complaint against Bullington gave the board enough fuel to just fire her.

Both sides have pointed fingers at each other when it comes to problems within the fire department.

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