Coronovirus scare hits Georgia Senate as death toll jumps

ATLANTA, Georgia (WDEF) – A pair of Georgia lawmakers have been caught in the Coronovirus crisis as the toll has turned deadlier in the state.

State Sen. Brandon Beach from the Alpharetta area says he has tested positive and is quarantining at home.

“After experiencing a fever and cough, I sought medical attention last week,” Beach said in the statement.

“The diagnosis I was given was not coronavirus, but I did get tested for it on Saturday. With medication, I felt better by Monday and thought I was in the clear. Today, however, my test came back positive.”

And State Senator Bruce Thompson from White, Georgia has been released from the ICU where he has been this week with extreme breathing issues.

He is waiting on the results of a COVID-19 test. An earlier test taken last week came back negative.

Their cases came along as the fatality case in Georgia jumped.
Just 2 days ago, the state reported only one COVID-19 related fatality.
Today they have ten.
Four of the fatalities come from the Albany area.
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