Counterfeit cash popping up in Dade County truck stops

TRENTON, Georgia (WDEF) – Both the Dade County Sheriff’s Office and the U.S. Secret Service are investigating a rash of counterfeit money that is being used at several locations throughout Dade County.

County law enforcement told News 12 it’s been an ongoing problem that has gotten worse in recent times.

“One transaction was a $140 in 20’s. It was done by a truck driver. He saw an opportunity and got away with it,” said Dade County Detective Don Hicks.

According to law enforcement, that particular suspect was seen on surveillance video but the picture quality was so bad, it was hard to identify the man.

Sheriff Ray Cross told News 12, the counterfeit cash is mostly showing up at truck stops.

“Usually it is 20’s and 100’s but now we’re seeing 5’s and $10’s,” Cross said.

Investigators believe truck stops and even fast-food restaurants are prime locations to use fake money because those places usually have a limited amount of cashiers who are trying to wait on longs lines of people.

“They’ll go in and buy $50 worth of gas and give them two 20’s and a $10 and their gone because there’s 10 more people waiting to pay. The clerks really can’t examine every bill they take,” Hicks said.

Investigators told News 12, the person or people responsible for making fake cash are likely using an expensive hi-tech copy machine to reproduce a replica of money.

“They copy perfect; except they can’t copy the holograms and they can’t copy the hidden things inside the bill,” Hicks said.

Law enforcement doesn’t believe the person or people involved in printing fake money actually live in Dade County. Instead, they told News 12 the producer of fake cash may likely live outside the county.

While County and federal authorities search for clues that could lead to a break in the case, they have warned other Dade County merchants about what has been happening.

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