County Commissioners on Vacation Rentals

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Hamilton county commissioners are debating a series of resolutions granting permission for Short Term Vacation Rentals.

Faced with possible complaints about noisy, disrespectful renters, county leaders are looking to put teeth in the current rules.

Some of the rentals now available are offered by private citizens while others are done by companies.

Christina Thoreson of Lookout Mountain Vacation Rentals says her company keeps a tight leash on renters, and checks frequently to make sure there are limits on activities and how many people can be there.

Christina Thoreson, who is the Property manager of the Lookout Mountain Vacation Rentals stated, “Its really incumbent upon us to take care of the properties for those owners because we want the company to make money, we want the owners to make money. If the property is over-used, or misused–they don’t. So, for us its economic to make sure that its properly taken care of, that there aren’t events and parties.”

Commissioners will get more information from the county attorney next week, and vote on any changes at a later meeting.

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