Couple inspires others with recovery story

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF) — A Cleveland couple is inspiring others after sharing their recovery story.

A post about Brent and Ashley Walker is going viral on social media.

As of Friday, nearly 200,000 people liked it.

They called it Clean Challenge.

One photo taken in 2016 shows them when they were addicted to meth.

The other photo taken recently shows them sober, happy and healthy.

They say supporting each other and getting involved in church helped them.

The couple hopes this shows others struggling with addiction that there is hope.

“It is hard in your first two or three months, really in the first year before it really started to get easy where we weren’t thinking about getting high, didn’t care nothing about it. We just started enjoying life and just wanted to give them hope that you can make it and it is well worth it,” Brent Walker said.

In December, the two will celebrate three years being sober.

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