Couple in murder-suicide case had long history of domestic violence

RINNGOLD, Georgia (WDEF) – The Sheriff of Catoosa County says the couple involved in a murder-suicide on Tuesday had a long history of domestic disturbances.

Authorities say 51 year old David Bryan White shot 51 year old Sharon Kathleen Kell, and then shot himself.

As deputies pulled up they saw White standing over Kell, who was in the driveway, firing a gun at her.

They took cover.

When they approached the couple, both were lying in the driveway, both shot in the head.

“This is the cycle of Family Violence that a number of families in our community go through that we need to continue to bring awareness to and offer assistance every chance we get. ”

Sheriff Sisk reports the couple had a history of domestic cases, including three court orders of protection in just the last year.

09/20/2018 – Filed for Family Violence Ex Parte Protective Order 2018-SU-CV-837
09/21/2018 – Ex Parte Order Served
09/22/2018 – Incident Report 180900373 (property exchange) (attached)
10/17/2018 – Filed for Dismissal of Ex Parte Order and Dismissed
01/05/2019 – Family Violence Report 190100078(attached)
01/07/2019 – Filed for Family Violence Ex Parte Protective Order 2019-SU-CV-20
02/06/2019 – Filed for Dismissal of Ex Parte Order and Dismissed
08/26/2019 – Family Violence Report 190800455(attached)
08/27/2019 – Filed for Family Violence Protective Order 2019-SU-CV-921
08/27/2019 – Warrants obtained for Terroristic Threats, Criminal Damage to Property 2nd Degree
09/08/2019 – Arrested for Warrants and Served Ex Parte Order
09/08/2019 – Bonded out of Jail
10/01/2019 – Murder/Suicide

“No one ever really knows what the victim goes through daily. It won’t bring this mother, sister, daughter back, but this is an issue that needs constant discussion, awareness, and action. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.”

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