COVID-19 Vaccine delivery in the Tennessee Valley

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Nearly 3 million doses of Pfizer’s vaccine began shipping across the U.S. from the drug maker’s Michigan Plant yesterday.

So, when can we expect the first doses to arrive in the Tennessee Valley?

Well, more than 30 cities received boxes of the vaccine this morning.

Coastal Georgia was one of the places that was first on the list.

The shipment contained over 5,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine for individuals to receive their first dose of the two dose series.

Public health officials expect that additional shipments of the vaccine will arrive later this week at facilities in other parts of the state.

In Bradley County, Mayor Gary Davis said in an interview on Mix 104.1, that they could see vaccines as early as Tuesday.

“It’ll take a couple of days to get it here in Bradley County probably. But, approximately December 15th will be an approximate date that they have used for weeks and it’s going to be very close to it.”

Mayor Davis said that once they receive the vaccine in Bradley County then it would be delivered to frontline workers and nursing homes first.

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The interesting part of this whole ordeal is that the Pfizer vaccine has to be stored in negative 70 degree temperatures.

Erlanger Officials told News 12 that Pfzier will be providing dry ice to keep the vaccine cool.

Katie Duffy, the Senior Director of Pharmacy at Erlanger Hospital, says, “We also have a order of dry ice that’s coming in case we need back up. But, we learnedd on Friday that Pzier will actually ship dry ice at day five or at time for the day five changer. So, you change the dry ice at day zero, day five, and day 10.”

Erlanger says that they do not have an exact date and time for when they expect to receive their shipment.

However, Duffy expects to get a notification 24 hours prior to vaccine arrival.

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