Crews working to restore water to residents of Signal Mountain after ground shifts

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – The last few weeks of heavy rainfall is causing crews to monitor a road on Signal Mountain.

Over the last year, crews have been monitoring Sunset Drive due to a continuing shift in the land.

Two properties have been evacuated for their safety; one of the homes evacuated in July.

Several homes in the Signal Mountain area have been without water since early Thursday morning.

Boyd Veal, the Signal Mountain Town Manager, says they are working to find a temporary solution to help restore water to residents in that area.

“As this ground shifts and moves it is literally pulling sections of pipe apart, so the pipe isn’t breaking or rupturing. The movement of ground is causing the separation in the water to then escape,”Veal said.

They hope to have water restore to residents within the next few hours.

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