“I WAS CRYING BECAUSE I WAS SO HAPPY:” Military dad surprises Woodstation

CATOOSA COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF) — Sergeant First Class Dionne Harrison hasn’t seen his family in eight months. Wednesday that changed, in a heartwarming surprise, all thanks to Harrison’s family and Woodstation Elementary.

Georgia governor Brian Kemp has declared April Military Children Appreciation Month.

Catoosa County’s Woodstation Elementary kick-started that today with a surprise homecoming.

“My daddy came home!” first grader Eli Harrison said. “[It makes me feel] Happy!”

Eli and Selah Harrison had a happy surprise at Woodstation Elementary. Their dad Dionne finally came home from being stationed in South Korea since July.

“We had a date and the kids just kept getting disappointed, because it kept changing and getting pushed back, and I said, ‘You know what, it’s going to be a surprise, and that way when he’s actually here, he’s here and it won’t be another pushed back date that’s a disappointment,” Dionne’s wife Lindsey Harrison said.

Woodstation’s kindergarten and first grades greeted Harrison with smiles and patriotic gifts.

“When I saw him come in, I was crying because I was so happy,” first grader and Harrison’s niece Evie Williams said.

“I was not expecting any of this,” Sfc. Dionne Harrison said. “It was great to see everyone show up and care so much. And I really want to thank them.”

“It’s just wonderful to have such a strong community and school system that has shown us so much love and support,” Lindsey Harrison said.

“Being away from home is hard, but to know that you have a good support system and to know that other people are there for your family and trying to make them fit in, it means the world. It makes being gone so much easier,” Harrison said.

Harrison goes back to South Korea in a few weeks, but he said he’s going to enjoy every minute playing baseball, fishing and just having fun with his family.

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