CSAS Names New Basketball Floor For Long Time Coach Mark Dragoo

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) CSAS named their new basketball floor for veteran coach Mark Dragoo Tuesday night.
Dragoo is only the second coach the school has ever had.
He has over 500 victories with four trips to the state tournament.
Dragoo reflected on his career, and the gym he has called home for 31 years.

Said Dragoo:”They had a varsity team for one year here. In fact I always joke that I became the all-time winningest coach when we won our fourth game. So that was an easier thing to do.”
Reporter:”What made you stay for three decades?”
Said Dragoo:”I mean I really think my personal philosophy in life as a Christian is this is where God wanted me to be. When I’m coaching sons of former players, we have two on our team this year, that makes you think wow, it has been a couple of years so.” Reporter:”What makes him such a good coach in your opinion?”
Said Mark’s son and assistant coach Zach Dragoo:”I think his ability to put his players first has made him a great coach. I think one of the most unique things about this gym is it gets really loud. So one of our things we try to use is hash-tag fear East Third Street.”
Said Dragoo:”For people who have never been in here I think it’s a little harder to shoot because it might not be as bright and as light as a new gym. I think the proximity of the crowd to the floor is intimidating. The noise level is very intimidating to people, and just the fact that we don’t lose here very often.”
Reporter:”Just your reaction when you heard they were going to name this new floor in your honor?”
Said Dragoo:”Humbling and embarrassing. I just said be sure don’t put my face on the floor or anywhere in the gym.”
Reporter:”That’s just got to be such a humbling honor to have your name on a floor or building or anything like that. I mean that’s just got to be very gratifying.”
Said Dragoo:”It is and especially this building because this is the most historic gym in Chattanooga that’s still in use. With Riverside and City High School here. That’s why we honored them with their logos on the floor out there. That part is really humbling because there has been some great basketball played here.”

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