Dade County Deputy is First Responder of the Month

For a law enforcement officer making a traffic stop can be a dangerous event—he or she never knows who’s in that vehicle.

And, the stop can frequently lead to other charges–especially drug possession.

A Dade county sheriff’s deputy, and his K-9 partner do that everyday and their work deserves some special recognition.

Our First responder of the Month is Sgt. Casey York.

(Voice of Sheriff Ray Cross)  “He’s made several drug arrests in the county, we’re very proud of…just here recently he got 60 pounds of marijuana off the street.”

Sgt. Casey is in charge of the Dade county road patrol. He and his K-9 partner, Ferro. are always on the lookout for violators, especially crimes involving drugs.

SGT. CASEY YORK, DADE CO. SHERIFF’S DEPT.  “There’s a lot more here than the average person realizes. But, that’s not to say that its a problem just in Dade county. That’s a problem nationwide. Anywhere you go if you really get out there and start paying attention and start working you realize how much of a problem there is in this nation with the drugs.”

The K-9 officer plays a big role in detecting drugs, and is brought from the patrol vehicle if Sgt. York feels it’s necessary.

SGT. CASEY YORK  “He does come into play at that point, in a good number of the cases.” “He is able to basically alert at the presence or the odor of narcotics.”

But Sgt. Casey York’s work is not just with the sheriff’s department–he’s also the chief of the Davis Volunteer Fire department on Sand Mountain.

SGT. CASEY YORK  “It is volunteer, and I want to give a shout out to all my guys there cause they…it is hard to work a full time job and to volunteer your time…a lot of people, they don’t understand how much effort that it takes to it, and I, I have a great group of guys right now and girls that are out there.”

The work of that department and others has cut the Dade county ISO rating for insurance in-half this year.

And, Casey says there’s another important member of his team.

SGT. CASEY YORK   “I just want to say that, uh, I do have a wonderful wife that supports me in everything that I do.”

SHERIFF RAY CROSS  “We’re really proud of Casey—last year he was promoted to Sergeant over the road patrol, and just a

fantastic K-9 officer.”

And, because of his valuable work—we’re happy to name Sgt. Casey York as our news 12 First Responder of the Month.

If you’d like to nominate a law enforcement officer, firefighter or EMS member for our First Responder of the month award, just send us an email to


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