Remembering Dade County’s Emerson Crane after passing

TRENTON, Ga. (WDEF) – Trenton’s Emerson Crane passed tonight just after 9pm, according to his fan page on Facebook.

It appears he was sick and in the hospital for several days.

The 10-year old has suffered from a brain tumor for most of his life.

Folks in Trenton and Dade county got to plan a Disney Parade for Emerson Crane in August before his passing.

TRENTON, Ga. (WDEF) — Planning a parade is usually a complicated and time-consuming process.

There are plenty of technical and security issues to resolve.

It takes weeks or months, but residents of Dade county did it in 9 days.

Ten year old Emerson Crane has lived with a brain tumor all his life.

But that didn’t keep him from being an active youngster who just happened to love all things “Disney” and “Star Wars”.

His illness recently worsened, and friends started a “Go Fund Me” account to make a trip to Disney.

That gave Trenton Police Chief Christy Smith the idea for a parade for him right here at home.

“He did just get back from Disney, he actually got to see one of the electric parades there, but this one is going to be different because its hands on,” said Chief Smith.

And that’s what happened Saturday night as some 2,000 people lined the Trenton street for Emerson’s Light the Night Spectacular.

The entire community got involved to honor him.

“It was a itty-bitty tiny idea…and it became about a 9 day period. These people are amazing, and I’m blown away,” said volunteer coordinator Tara Page.

The floats came from groups locally and from other counties.

Tara Page asked a group called “Tiki Elves” if they could create a float, and they did in just 4 days.

Larry and Tammy Johnson of the Davis community created a Star Wars “Tie Fighter” on a golf cart.

From Dade High School, the 101 Dalmatians showed up to entertain Emerson and the crowd.

Samantha Crane is Emerson’s mom. She says, “It was pretty great. Emerson is so thrilled. Our whole community came together to support us. It makes my heart explode.”

Samantha and Yale, Emerson’s parents, were amazed at what their community did for their son.

“Everybody just coming together to just to wish Emerson well and give him this night,” his mom added.

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