Dade Elementary’s Greta Haney wins Golden Apple Award

Reaching a child with a disability can sometimes be a challenge. But at Dade County Elementary one extraordinary child says her teacher makes her feel special. Greta Haney is this week’s Golden Apple Award winner.

"What if I write this sign? What does that mean? Take away! Take away…"

Welcome to Greta Haney’s Inclusion Kindergarten class… It’s a unique class at Dade Elementary where mainstream students get to learn and sometimes help advance their special needs classmates.

Greta Haney, Inclusion Kindergarten Teacher, "I love what I do. I love coming to work everyday."

Haney says it’s amazing to watch her students understand… She says sometimes all it takes it the right encouragement.

Haney,"Your philosophy has to be that all children can learn."

That applies to one beautiful kindergarenter. Riley Johnson was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrom at 4. She didn’t want to read her letter for us… But the words are all her own…

letter, "She is the bestest teacher in the whole universe. I love Ms. Haney."

Riley’s letter says Ms. Haney makes her feel special. With little sister Aislin in tow… Riley’s mom Tammy gave Ms. Haney all the credit.

Tammi Johnson, Dade Elementary Parent, "Two years ago there are things that she’s doing now that at that time I didn’t even think were possible."

Tammi says Haney genuinely cares for her students and treats them all as individuals. Ms. Haney says it’s just one step in helping them grow.

Haney, "It’s just a really, really good feeling to know that they have accomplished their goals and learned their standards that they need to learn as a kindergartener so that they will be a successful student in 1st grade and in 2nd and on in their educational career."

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